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Marketing a business online is all but a necessity nowadays, and while it can be intimidating for first-timers, it is something that Riley Sitton has made her specialty. After working sales, she transitioned into the world of digital marketing as a way to incorporate a creative aspect into what she was doing. She has been a part of 180 Pro for three years, and having shaped many of our digital media systems, has a wealth of knowledge and tips to share with business owners.

Before you start making extensive plans with social media or other digital communications, she says it is important to know your purposes. Develop a brand guide or brand kit that outlines who you are, who your target audience is, and things like your logo, colors, and fonts. Use that target audience to drive all of the ad systems you develop. Riley recommends visualizing your target audience member as a specific person to help you predict the kind of content they would like to see, as well as when and how they would most likely interact with that content. One imaginary person is certainly less intimidating than trying to reach the whole internet, but it also makes more sense. The goal of social media marketing is not to amass followers, but to convert followers into customers. As Riley says, “You could have one million followers in Canada, but if you’re a business in Tennessee, it’s not going to convert to anything.”

Once you have defined your purpose, Riley believes it is essential to strategize your digital content rollout. She recommends making a calendar to schedule out posts and email blasts, plus gathering your content in bulk using purposeful photoshoots and then organizing it well so that you can easily find it when you need it. She also suggests keeping some “evergreen” content, so called because it is appropriate to use at any time, so that you have a backup for busier days or snafus with your schedule. Within this extensive planning, however, keep your content looking fresh and current. “For the user and the user experience,” Riley says, “They really like seeing stuff that looks like it is more in the moment.” Great photo editing apps are available to help you make your content look professional and have a consistent look that matches your branding.

One digital element that Riley believes too many people overlook is email marketing. Social media is great for reaching people, but you don’t technically own any of your posts or platforms, so you don’t want to be out of luck if it gets taken down. When you compile an email list, that is something that you do own, so you will always have a way to get in contact with current and potential customers. You can schedule email campaigns based on timing that works for your customers, as well as the amount of communication that they can handle without feeling overwhelmed.

All of these digital marketing options are free to use, but Riley says that with even a small amount of money, you can utilize Facebook advertising to grow your business even further. You can use as little as $5 per day to boost one of your posts, but targeted ads will give you even more control. She says to keep your investment low at first, so that you can use trial and error to see what’s going to get you the most bang for your buck. Don’t be afraid to move away from things that aren’t working for you or your brand.

That willingness to adapt is one of Riley’s most important lessons about the digital world. You really never stop learning, and the digital world never stops changing and updating, so it’s important to not feel like you have to know it all. The simplest way that she evaluates her posts is to make sure they have a positive purpose. Is it inspiring someone? Is it informing someone? Is it helping someone? When you are guided by the desire to uplift your followers, your message will never fall on deaf ears.

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