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At 180 Pro, we are committed to helping gym owners succeed by sharing systems and strategies that have been developed by our Pros over years of trial and error in the all-star cheerleading and dance industry. And when it comes to trial and error, our founder Stacy Rowe says she has “messed up with the best of them.”

Born and raised in New Jersey, Stacy moved to North Carolina for college and opened a gym there not long after graduating. She partnered in her venture with Premier Athletics, and while Premier is considered by many to be a “mega-gym,” their individual locations come in all sizes, and it was the experience and mentorship of leaders there that helped Stacy achieve success as a gym owner.

It was while working with Premier that Stacy first had the idea that would develop into 180 Pro. In a conversation with Sean Timmons, who would become the director of the Tumble Academy, Stacy vocalized a desire to work against the stagnancy that both she and Sean saw developing in the all-star cheer and dance industry. Sean saw the value of the rec programs at Premier Athletics in bringing new athletes to the gym to support the all-star programs and the gym as a whole. Knowing that, as Stacy says, “ideas are just a wish without any kind of follow-through,” they worked to develop a program that would allow other gym owners to capitalize on the Academy programs, essentially providing that needed follow-through through the 180 Pro system so that others could find sustained success in the industry.

But the real value in 180 Pro comes not just in a pre-packaged curriculum or box of tricks, but in the combined experience of the Pros who have had a healthy serving of both triumphs and misfires in the all-star world. According to Stacy, “Chances are if you’re going through it, we’ve been through it,” and that kind of mentorship is what she believes entrepreneurs cannot get by without.

180 Pro exists to be an open resource for anyone in the industry to call for advice and guidance. We provide gym owners with curriculum-based rec programs through our Academies, to increase the number of athletes in their gym, and as part of that they receive thirty 30 minutes of individual consulting with our Pros each month, collaborative events, coaching calls, staff training, and much more. The Accelerator+ program supplies even further support, with extra tips and ideas including the especially popular Revenue-Generating Events, fully inclusive kits with everything you need to host specially themed camps and clinics each month. The highest level of mentorship with 180 Pro is available through membership, which includes all of the other programs as well as more in-depth consulting on things such as finances, marketing, all-star team success, etc. If you feel you could benefit from our Pros’ decades of collective experience, give us a call today!

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